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Here we will publish news & updates related to software as well as news related to this website.

1) Statistics: Firefox 3.5 surpassed IE7 in global usage share on December 2009 - 01/09/2010
At some time during the middle of last week -- quite possibly, on the very day that Microsoft announced its settlement with the European Commission -- Web analytics firm StatCounter registered more Web site hits coming from Web browsers announcing themselves as Mozilla Firefox 3.5 than from either Internet Explorer 7.0 or IE8.

2) Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 moves ahead, but more work to be done - 01/09/2010
Betanews tests with the latest Beta 5 release of Mozilla Firefox 3.6 show some respectable performance improvements, in the race to catch-up to Google Chrome. One of those improvements -- the full impact of which we'll see over time, as Web servers improve their scripting to support it -- is asynchronous scripting. It's a feature added to the HTML 5 standard, and Firefox 3.6 will be the first browser to support it.

3) Slow performance may have triggered Visual Studio 2010 delay - 01/09/2010
A delay of what Microsoft Developer SVP S. Somasegar calls "back a few weeks," in the final release of Visual Studio 2010 and its accompanying .NET Framework 4, is the apparent result of performance issues that beta testers would not let rest.

4) Add-ons make Google Chrome for Linux beta competitive against Firefox - 01/09/2010
Google finally released a beta version of its Chrome Web browser for Linux on December 8, slightly more than one year after releasing its Chrome browser for Windows. The wait was worth it, especially given the more than 300 extensions already available to customize the new browser.

5) Resolved: EU 'Choice Screen' for Windows will show top 5 browsers first - 01/09/2010
European users of Windows 7, Vista, and XP who have Internet Explorer set as their default Web browser will very soon be given a choice of alternatives, and that choice will reveal itself to users by way of an important Windows update. The announcement came this morning from Brussels, where the European Commission has accepted the latest adjusted proposal from Microsoft, in response to the EC's Statement of Objections earlier this year.

6) Microsoft: Windows 7 Family Pack wasn't 'pulled,' it just sold out - 01/09/2010
In response to a Saturday story from Betanews contributor Joe Wilcox, a Microsoft spokesperson told Betanews this afternoon that "the offer has not been 'pulled'" -- specifically, that it did not revoke anything with regard to its three-license Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack offer. It simply sold out, as Microsoft says its "while supplies last" offer clearly indicated as early as last July.

7) Report: Microsoft to randomize Europe's browser screen choices - 01/09/2010
The New York Times has cited an unidentified source said to have knowledge of Microsoft's ongoing negotiations with the European Commission, as saying that the company will comply with a suggestion made by three of its chief rivals in the Web browser business -- Mozilla, Google, and Opera. Specifically, the report says, future editions of Windows 7 for European customers will randomize the order in which users' choices for default Web browsers will appear during setup.

8) Latest Firefox 3.6 beta fixes 133 bugs, promises faster page load times - 01/09/2010
As Web users anticipate data from NetApplications and other services that could show Mozilla Firefox having eclipsed the 25% mark in global usage share for the month of November, the beta process for Firefox 3.6 has found an extra gear. Demonstrating that more user input can result in a faster turnover process for developers' builds, rather than the slower process some commercial software producers claim, the latest Beta 4 release addresses some 133 significant bugs, many uncovered by regular testers.

9) Confirmed: Office 2010 to ship in June - 01/09/2010
After several Web sites today claimed to having seen a possibly inadvertent notice from Microsoft claiming June as the release month for its forthcoming Office 2010 (we looked hard and couldn't find it ourselves), a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Betanews this afternoon that June is indeed the ship month.

10) Windows Defender Beta 2 Released - 02/15/2006
Microsoft late Monday released the long awaited second beta of Windows Defender, formerly known as Windows AntiSpyware.

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