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Windows 7 Is the Fastest Selling OS Ever

By BuildHome at 01/11/2010 22:38

With Windows 7, Redmond-based software giant Microsoft delivered on the promise of developing an operating system that would be better that XP and Vista – even if they reportedly had to draw inspiration from Mac OS X to come up with its looks. According to Craig Beilinson, Director of Marketing with Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, Windows 7 is “by far the fastest selling operating system in history.”

Craig Beilinson did not reveal the exact number of Windows 7 versions that were sold since the OS was released, but he did provide the following figures:
- New PC sales saw a 50% increase the week Windows 7 was launched (compared to the previous week).
- On Black Friday, PC sales went up 60% compared to the 2008 Black Friday sale.
- PC sales went up 50% during the winter holiday season of 2009.

Part of Windows 7’s success is the fact that it comes preinstalled on a variety of devices – 1,400 PCs and 11,000 Windows 7 devices and components, touted Beilinson.

Some times Microsoft pulls something out of thin air an expects us to believe it – like the fact that IE8 offers better security that Firefox, or the browser comparison chart that says IE has more features that the competition. But this time I have to say that I am not surprised. After all, Managing Director of Amazon UK, Brian McBride said back in October that Windows 7 was the “the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at, and demand is still going strong.”

It would have been nice to see some raw figures alongside Craig Beilinson’s words. Still, if you keep in mind that new PC sales equals Windows 7 sales, then it all adds up.

In related news, if you are planning to switch to Windows 7 soon, here are 7 things you might try once you’ve gotten the operating system. I for one have made the transition a long time ago and have been content with Windows 7.

By George Norman, findmysoft