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Spyware Doctor Spyware Doctor

By BuildHome at 02/05/2006 02:02  (2,611 views)

Today, in our world the Spyware (also known as malware) is a very powerful way to destroy computers but more slowly than viruses.
The Spyware is also a way to spread a free advertising for Anti-Spyware companies or pornographic websites.

Did you know that your keystrokes are recorded and sent by email?

Spyware Doctor Screenshot        ScreenshotSpyware programs can do a lot of tasks that are preprogrammed like recording your keystrokes, website surfing, changing your homepage, conversations and more.

Anti-Viruses and Firewall aren't meant for Spyware detection!

Spyware Doctor is your solution for Spyware problems!

What's Inside?

  • Malware detection
    This detection ability can scan and detect any kind of malware types (spyware / adware / browser hijackers / Trojans / keyloggers / dialers / tracking cookies). The current database of Spyware Doctor can detect over 40,000 malware signatures!
  • OnGuard
    • Keylogger Guard - Can detect signatures of "keystroke recording" for specific application set you can set and the sensitivity of the detection.
    • Spyware Doctor Screenshot        ScreenshotPopup Blocker - Blocking popup windows in your browser (currently only for Internet Explorer). To disable popup blocker for one time only you can click [CTRL] + click on the popup link.
    • Scheduler – You can schedule a quick scan, full scan or live update when ever you want it to work (OnGuard must be activate).
    • Site Guard – This tool will prevent you to enter a malware installing or information stealing websites.
  • Quarantine and Restore ability
    Spyware Doctor gives you the ability to quarantine and restore detected files! This is good when you want deleted a file that you didn't have to delete, like a file for your favorite software / game.

Spyware Doctor Screenshot        ScreenshotPerformance

Spyware Doctor can scan your computer within a few minutes only! You can choose quick scan, full scan or custom scan. If you'll choose full scan, it may take a while (depends on the number of files and registry size that you have) but the full scan will guarantee you a clean pc from malware!
I recommend you always perform a quick scan and once a week to do a full scan. That way you will scan your pc very fast and you will be sure it's clean of malware.
Spyware Doctor will detect spyware, adware, keyloggers, dialers, browser hijackers, Trojans and tracking cookies on your pc!

Spyware Doctor Screenshot        ScreenshotEase of Use

Spyware Doctor is very easy to use and configuration. This software has a very nice GUI (Graphical User Interface) that helps you to find anything very easily with a text description for each button.


Spyware Doctor can fit your needs and a lot more.
You can set a scan (quick/full/custom) at windows startup, make a sound when a scan is finished or infection is detected and more.

Help & Support

Spyware Doctor includes several options for support as built-in help index, great FAQ system in their website and fast email support.


Spyware Doctor offers you a great software to stay clean from malware by includes malware detection, OnGuard application, nice friendly-user GUI and smart updates.

  Software Details:
  Version: 3.5
  Size: 6,168 KB
  Requirements: Windows XP, Me, 98 and 2000
  License: Shareware, $29.95
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