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Flash FXP Flash FXP

By BuildHome at 02/13/2006 13:25  (6,723 views)

FTP protocol has been one of the most easy and fastest ways to transfer files from your computer to an active server or the reverse.

There is the default FTP client which is Internet Explorer that enables you to move files between your computer and server but with not much options to make this job easier for you.

Flash FXP gives you the best and the easiest way to handle files between your computer and server.

What's Inside?

  • Local and Site to Site File transfers
    Transfer files from your local computer to a server or directly from server to server (site-to-site).
  • Flash FXP Screenshot        ScreenshotFull Featured User Interface with Drag & Drop Support
    Flash FXP has a full user interface that gives you an easy way to do all the common tasks with few clicks. Also supports a full Drag & Drop support so you can transfer files, folders, schedule tasks and more with just one click!
  • Security
    Flash FXP Includes OpenSSL Libraries 0.9.7g, SSL Site-to-Site (SSCN) Transfers, Automatic support for One Time Password (OTP) S/KEY and more.
  • Flash FXP Screenshot        ScreenshotAdvanced Options
    Flash FXP includes some advanced options such as Time Zone setting, priority transfer list, remote FTP file search, Selective Transfer feature (transfer only images or just php files) and more.
  • Robust
    Flash FXP gives you a very good reason not to worry when transfer files. It includes bug report wizard, Roll back on resumed file transfer to prevent corruption, anti-idle keeps connection active and much more!

Flash FXP Screenshot        ScreenshotPerformance

Flash FXP can do the work very fast and gives you some good options to keep your tasks at full performance. Also, Flash FXP gives you the ability to surf the internet when using it by not using your full download and upload speed limit so some of your traffic is free for internet tasks.

Ease of Use

Flash FXP includes a full interface user (simple view – FTP only or FXP advance views) such as transfer graph, minimizes to system tray, internal text editor for quick edits and much more great options. It also includes a very good Drag & Drop support so you can easily transfer files in just one click. 

Flash FXP Screenshot        ScreenshotCustomization

Flash FXP includes a great "Site Manager" so you can add your websites or FTP servers to a list to connect / or move to a destination in just 1 connection and without any login window. It also includes "Folder Bookmarks" so you can add folders from your computer or server to the list, in this way you can move to a destination in one single click.

Help & Support

Flash FXP gives you a good way to get support for your product: support forums, knowledge base (FAQ), customer portal and a "report a bug" form.


Flash FXP is one of the best FTP clients in the internet that gives you a great way to work with files and servers in the easiest way.

  Software Details:
  Version: 3.2
  Size: 2,253 KB
  Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
  License: Shareware, $25
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