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Winamp 5.57 Winamp 5.57

By BuildHome at 01/12/2010 16:14  (4,521 views)

Winamp 5.57 Screenshot        ScreenshotAre you looking for that ultimate media player for all of your listening and viewing needs? Well, maybe the new Winamp 5.57 is what you are looking for. This shiny new version boasts state of the art technology, as well as being one of the leading media players available on the market today. It is a free media player too which just makes it all the more attractive to potential users. The previous versions of Winamp have been nothing short of successful; however, this new version has been improved tenfold to make it the best yet.

What's Inside?

  • Winamp Orgler
    Winamp 5.57 has a new feature that hasn’t been used on previous versions, it is named Winamp Orgler. This function lets you track, chart and share what you are and have been listening to. This means that you can create lists of your favorite songs based on your listening history, and share them with your friends too. It also shows you what you have listened to most, as well as what you have listened to the least. This is going to be a very popular feature as it is convenient as well as fun!
  • Album Art Support
    The album art support function is one of the most popular for all media players on the market, and Winamp 5.57 is certainly no exception. You can view all of your album art work in the media player itself as you are listening, and the media player also supports album artwork for portable devices, meaning that you can transfer the album artwork onto your portable media device, which is a function that is in great demand.
  •   50 Free Mp3’s
    If you download the bundle version, or the full version of Winamp 5.57, both of which are free, you can treat yourself to 50 free mp3’s courtesy of eMusic! No other media player offers such a great deal. This feature is going to make Winamp 5.57 incredibly popular with music lovers everywhere.

Winamp 5.57 Screenshot        ScreenshotPerformance

 Winamp 5.57 is an incredible media player. It gives the user the option to contain all of their media files in one place, without any hassle at all. It supports nearly every music format including MP3, AAC, and many, many more. It also supports a massive amount of video formats allowing the user to watch all of their movies and videos in the media player itself. There are so many options for storing music and video files, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Winamp 5.57 Screenshot        ScreenshotEase of Use 

Even people with little or no knowledge of computer use will have no trouble using Winamp 5.57. The interface is very sleek and easy to understand, and all of the functions are very easy to use. All of the software is pretty self explanatory so it’s not hard to use at all.


Winamp 5.57 offers users a very wide range of options for customization. To start with, on the Winamp website itself, there is a whole collection of skins for you to choose from. You can download these and use them on your Winamp 5.57 media player itself, this means that you can customize the look and feel of the player to fit your tastes. There is also the option of adding album art work to your music.

Winamp 5.57 Screenshot        ScreenshotHelp & Support

There is a huge amount of help and support for Winamp 5.57 on the Winamp website itself, there is a very helpful FAQ section and also email support. A lot of common questions are answered in the FAQ section though.


If you are looking for a very stylish media player for all of your listening and viewing needs, then Winamp 5.57 is the one for you. It has everything that you could possibly want from a media player, and more.

  Software Details:
  Size: 10,837 KB
  Requirements: Windows XP, Me, 98, 2000, Vista, 7
  License: Freeware
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