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Advanced Registry Optimizer Advanced Registry Optimizer

By BuildHome at 01/12/2010 14:28  (2,370 views)

Advanced Registry Optimizer Screenshot        ScreenshotAre you starting to notice problems when using your computer? If it is slow when it is starting up, the internet is not functioning as it used to, and everything seems slowed down and clogged up. This is why you need software like Advanced Registry Optimizer. It will boost speeds, and improves the overall function of the hard drive, including the internet.

What's Inside?

  • Advanced Scanning
    The Advanced Registry Optimizer will scan every possible place on your hard drive to find and eliminate any registry problems.
  • Back Up
    The back up function in Advanced Registry Optimizer allows users to make sure that they can save any important files that they may want to come back to later on. This includes software.
  •  Scheduling Utility
    Advanced Registry Optimizer not only performs scans on command, but there is also the option for you to schedule scans. This means that you can perform scans when you are away from the computer, or if you just want it to run in the background while you are busy doing other things.
  • Undo Capabilities
    Another great feature included in Advanced Registry Optimizer, is the capability to undo. This means that if you delete something that you didn’t mean to, or if you make a mistake, then you have the option to undo this mistake and correct it, without losing any important files or information, this is a very important function!

Advanced Registry Optimizer Screenshot        ScreenshotPerformance

The performance of the Advanced Registry Optimizer is a topic of debate. The full paid version will do everything that it is supposed to do, it will improve response time, increase overall speeds, and provide the user with a more stable system. However, the free trial version is slightly different, as it does not work as well at all.

Advanced Registry Optimizer Screenshot        ScreenshotEase of Use

The user interface for Advanced Registry Optimizer is very clear. It is incredibly easy to user, with self explanatory functions. It would be suited to a novice computer user, or even an expert computer user.


The Advanced Registry Optimizer doesn't really feature any options for customization, however, it does what it is supposed to do and that is the main point.

Advanced Registry Optimizer Screenshot        ScreenshotHelp & Support

As far as help and support goes, this is slightly unclear. There are no options that are clearly visible on the Advanced Registry Optimizer website itself, which is slightly worrying.


For a simple registry cleaner that does what it is supposed to do, and then Advanced Registry Optimizer offers a good price for a fairly simple piece of software.

  Software Details:
  Version: 5.2
  Size: 2,150 KB
  Requirements: Windows All
  License: Shareware, $29.95
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