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PDFCreator PDFCreator

By lesher at 02/05/2006 23:13  (7,059 views)

Why PDF?
The PDF format (of acrobat reader) has been spreading more and more in the internet and in the documented computer world and it is now one of the most useful and common document format to send and read.
Most times, in order to read a send document, we must make sure we have the same software version otherwise it could jeopardize the shape of the sent document. The PDF format doesn't have this restriction and thus you may use any version of Acrobat Reader (a freeware) to view it.

PDFCreator Screenshot        ScreenshotSo why PDFCreator?
Creating PDF document from scratch is quite a difficult task. Not only you must have Acrobat Writer (Shareware) installed, but also the editing and creating is pretty limited, unlike the Word processor and such. For this reason, PDFCreator is the most useful software I've come across. PDFCreator basically convert from any windows program (I must say I coudn't find even one format that PDFCreator couldn't convert (as long as the document has 'print' option)). So how does it work? Keep reading, it's coming up.

Feature Set

PDF is an open source freeware tool that allows you to easily create PDFs from just about any windows program. All you need is a printer drive that applies with its installation.
Here are some features that make PDFCreator so useful:

  • Multilingual Support
    PDFCreator supports many languages so that the software interface could change to your own language, which will make the use much easier. More and more language are offered in the software's website so if you can't find the wanted language, you could check there for updates.
  • Interface
    PDFCreator's interface is easy to use and has all options in one window, so you could customize it for every document you create. The options are saved after every use, so you don't have to repeat them if not needed.
  • Password protected option
    PDFCreator allows you to add a password to the PDF you're creating and with that allowing the document to be protected from opening and adding changes.
  • Converting From any program
    PDFCreator can easily convert a PDF file from almost any windows program, simply by allowing it to be "printed" as a PDF file.
  • PDFCreator Screenshot        ScreenshotPrint Monitor
    The program operates just like a printer. You can view the status of the conversion with the PDFCreator print monitor (which can be found at the 'printers' folder in the "start" menu or in the "system tray") and you may also delete it if desired.


The installation of the PDFCreator is a very easy task. The user-interface window guides you through every step and it only a matter of seconds to install. In the installation, the software creates a printer drive and in order for it to work, a restart after the installation is required.

PDFCreator Screenshot        ScreenshotPDFCreator can support many windows programs (infect, I can't recall even one program that PDFCreator couldn't handle). It works well and the results are satisfying.
There are some down sides to this software. For instance, if the original document is large, the PDFCreator might take a long time to convert it, depending on how strong the computer is.
In the new version there has been some improvements such as system tray properties, "cancel" button, AMD64 support and more.

Ease of Use

PDFCreator is extremely easy to use. After the software installs its printer drive, all you need is to open any program, press 'print' and choose "PDFCreator" from the rolled menu.
After choosing PDFCreator front the list, a window opens and asks for details (such as name, location, option to add password atc) of the PDF.
PDFCreator is a freeware so all you will need is just to install and use as much as you want with no need to register.

Help & Support

PDFCreator Screenshot        ScreenshotAt PDFCreator home page you can find F.A.Q page as well as a forum where you can ask your questions or want to recommend additional options on future updates. It isn't as handy and the questions might not receive a quick reply but this program is so simple to operate and we should not forget this is a freeware, so it is without a doubt recommended for use. You may also find help file in the so PDFCreator menu.


If you're looking for a way to create PDF files, which are one of the most usable formats, PDFCreator is the tool for you.

  Software Details:
  Version: 0.9
  Size: 10,420 KB
  Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  License: Freeware
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