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ScreenHunter Pro ScreenHunter Pro

By BuildHome at 02/07/2006 00:51  (3,597 views)

We all usually screenshot from programs, websites, full-screen etc' with the normal way – "Print Screen" button next to F12 (in most keyboards). After we press "Print Screen" button we open the Painter or any other graphic software and paste the screenshot and save it.

Why should you do that when you can take a screenshot with a single press button, which includes saving the screenshot to a destination that you want and much more?

ScreenHunter Pro brings you the best solution for taking screenshot from any software, website, movie, windows and more!

What's Inside?

  • ScreenHunter Pro Screenshot        ScreenshotFrom where?
    You can set from where you want to take a screenshot: Rectangle area, Ellipse area, Freehand, Object/ Window, Active window, Full screen, DirectX/Screen Save and from Movie.
  • HotKey
    You can set to each screenshot type (active window, freehand, movie etc) separate HotKey buttons like Ctrl+F5 to take a screenshot from an active window.
  • Screenshot Setting
    Set where you want the screenshots to be saved (file, email, clipboard etc), file type (jpg, png, gif etc), file name (automatic naming, prefix, custom name each time etc) and more.
  • ScreenHunter Pro Screenshot        ScreenshotEmail it!
    Set an email format (to, cc, subject and message) to send your screenshot automatically or with a confirmation with your screenshot as an attachment.
  • Advanced
    Set many options suck as notify sounds, zoom, auto-scroll delay, hide mouse cursor, open editor after taking a screenshot and more!


ScreenHunter Pro Screenshot        ScreenshotScreenHunter Pro is very fast and effective software that take a screenshot within a single click.
The best thing is that ScreenHunter Pro is able to be in "Stand By" mode which minimizes it to the taskbar.
This software also offers a very good high quality conversion algorithm for GIF format. 

ScreenHunter Pro Screenshot        ScreenshotEase of Use

ScreenHunter Pro is very easy to use. With the very simple GUI you can find, set, update and remember almost everything in this software.
It’s a very simple software, but very smart as well.


ScreenHunter Pro can fit your needs with the HotKey feature. With the HoyKey you can set how to take screenshot and from where, like from a website, movie, full screen, active window etc.
It has a lot of options that saves you time saving the screenshots, rename them, edit them and more.

Help & Support

ScreenHunter Pro offers you a really great support for this software.
There is a support center, very big FAQ, email support and even a flash guide!


ScreenHunter Pro is very good screen capture software that supports many options for taking screenshots (active window, movie, full-screen etc) and also has a very good high quality conversion algorithm for GIF format.

  Software Details:
  Version: 4.2
  Size: 1,567 KB
  Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
  License: Shareware, $29.95
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